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Sometimes the home that you love needs to evolve along with the needs of your family or changes in your lifestyle. If you find yourself wishing that your home had more space, an extra bedroom, a room for a home office or gym; then an addition might be the solution.

Planning Your Addition

An addition allows you to create new space by building onto your home where no structure existed before. This means constructing from the ground up in many cases. As a licensed general contractor, All Trade Construction is experienced and able to take on a large project, like an addition, from start to finish. We will create a detailed plan and work with you to determine the best way to give you the space you need without compromising the structure or detracting from your home’s aesthetic.

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What Can You Do With An Addition?

The possibilities of a home addition are almost endless. Wouldn’t you like to….

  • Add an Extra Bedroom
  • Expand Your Kitchen and Add A Formal Dining Room
  • Create a Home Office, Gym, or Playroom
  • Add space to your main living areas, like your family room.
  • Turn your master bedroom into a master suite with a new bathroom and closet

Whatever the reason you need extra space, we can plan an addition to make your home spacious and functional for your family!

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